Different Types of Cardiovascular Stress Tests

Preventing the need for serious stress test is a bit of advice and knowledge we all should have. It’s not terrible to go for a treadmill or stationary bike stress test every year if you can afford to do so. If you have not received an annual medical physical ever or not within the past few years, talk to your doctor. Lack of exercise may actually be cause for concern. Scheduling a stress test can reveal problems which may not be obvious because you have no symptoms.

Although your physician may be tempted to treat you for suspected heart related problems, they will confirm it before treatments begin. Every person has their own specific difficulties, and each diagnosis and treatment will vary. Even if the person is having a heart attack, doctors can insert a catheter and take videos inside an artery. People that have these conditions will be asked to do exercises via a cardiac stress test. Angina is not serious, however it is a symptom to account for. More than likely, if your doctor suspects anything is going on, imagery of your heart, arteries and veins will be taken. You will know if anything is wrong with your heart if you do a stress test and get the subsequent results.

Your cardiovascular system, including the heart, is viewed very much just like a mechanical process. Your heart is the pump and all your arteries, vessels, and veins are just like the plumbing. Thus, taking a reading of blood flow is essential because any blockages will affect blood flow. The dual-isotope stress test or the nuclear stress test measure the flow of blood and also monitor it. Imaging equipment is used, and the doctors can actually watch the flow of blood and the heart beating in real time. When the blood is restricted, the heart will react and not beat in the normal fashion.

If you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, getting a second opinion really can’t hurt. This is something people want to do because they are not sure of the one diagnosis. This matters and you need to know that few if any tests are 100% accurate and reliable 100% of the time. Talk to your doctor and cardiologist about this, and they all understand that sometimes a second opinion may be a good idea.

Typically, litigation proceedings with their patients is not something they want to experience. So the second doctor may concur with the first just in case, and this is a conservative position regarding the patient, as well. Confirming the results of the tests that the first doctor had you do is a good idea, which means you would have to take the imaging diagnostic and stress test all over again. The types of results a doctor gets from stress tests differ, which is what sets these tests apart. Imaging tests are relied upon for patients who are considered to be more at risk. If the doctor decides on a relatively easy treadmill test with only an EKG result, it means that the issues aren’t as major as they could be.

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