Regenerative Medicine Charlotte

Finding a Regenerative Medicine Specialist in Charlotte, NC

Perhaps one of the most well known forms of regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy is in the news a lot these days. This is because stem cells have been at the forefront of medical advancements in recent years. With great success, doctors have been able to use stem cells to treat tissue and joint damage with remarkable success. But what is stem cell therapy for arthritis?

Stem Cells for Arthritis

It was not surprising to see that local doctors would be looking into the use of regenerative medicine for arthritis. He was particularly interested in the use of PRP in treating osteoarthritis. As he explains, osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear on the cartilage which exists in the body. As the cartilage wears down over time, the bone then chips and breaks, creating pockets that bleed and cause inflammation. This inflammation is what causes the typical symptoms of this disease, such as stiffness, pain and swelling.

PRP Injections

Doctors looked at the effects of PRP injections for osteoarthritis and found that they had similar regenerative results as other forms of treatments. Platelet rich plasma treatment Charlotte NC does this treatment. However, he goes on to say that these results were much less profound as opposed to what happens when stem cell therapy is used in combination with other degenerative diseases. This means that these treatments may be used to alleviate some of the pain from arthritis sufferers, but it will never cure the disease. In fact, in the future it is very likely that degenerative arthritis will become an inevitable fact of life, despite the advances made in regenerative medicine.

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