Importance of staying healthy

No matter if you are working people, a mother, a retired one or a pregnant person you must importance of staying healthy. It is not possible to stay active if you lack any sort of fitness element in you. If you are healthy you can achieve anything regardless of your age, ability, responsibilities and gender. You cannot complete any work no matter how important it is perfect unless you are perfectly healthy. A kid needs a proper nutrition to grow up in a quicker pace and also makes an impact not only physically but also mentally.

The brain grows through out our lives and one needs proper fitness to keep the growth up for the development of a brain. With growing health issues, it has become an alarming situation for everyone to take care of their health. Living in the world of impurities, to survive one must take care of themselves right from taking care about what they ear, how hygienic it is, intake purified water and most importantly avoid having the stuff which might affect your health directly. If you are diabetic person, you must stay away from sweets and sugar while if you have a problem of high blood pressure, make sure you take a limited amount of salt while if you have a problem of low blood pressure, try to intake as much iodine and salt as possible as this will increase the salt level to increase the blood pressure.

Try to stay as away as possible from the impure salt as it is a major cause of thyroid. Thyroid might sound not much dangerous but with the rate the problem is becoming common amongst people has started bothering everyone. Thyroid comes along with many side-effects like heat radiation from the body, obesity, frustration, body pain etc. Thyroid also creates problem in conceiving and during pregnancy. The problem has started becoming an issue to not just adults but children too from a very tender age. The other major issue faced by majority of people are the heart diseases caused due to the high cholesterol level and it must be essentially reduced to avoid further problems like blockage in the heart and more. To reduce the cholesterol level, one must take the oil and fat contents as less as possible as it acts as a slow poison for a weak heart. Smoking, drinking injurious to health is not mere saying. It causes direct enhancement to the growth of cancer viruses like lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer etc. The best way to avoid such deadly diseases is by taking precautions and by taking care of them.

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