Massage Spa Cary NC

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy refers to any of a variety of physical activities designed to restore health and well-being by addressing tight or damaged muscles, tissues, and connective tissues. Basic massage therapy, the process of applying measured or tailored structured pressure, friction, or movement, to the soft tissue of the body, is actually the basis on which all massage therapy specialties are based. The exact techniques and types of massage vary from person to person but there are some common points of similarity. Some of these are discussed below. You may also find these massage spas offer other services, such as a skin care treatment like hydrafacial Cary NC.


Shiatsu massage is a gentle, yet thorough technique that is ideal for people who have joint problems, injuries, or stress-related muscle tension. Shiatsu massage therapist apply slow pressure through smooth strokes, tapping movements, and gentle stroking movements to release tension, calm the body using the pressure points to release muscle spasms and relax the entire body using massage therapy. Thai massage is another form of massage therapy that uses a massage therapist to perform movements that are specifically meant for the treatment of injured or disfigured tissues. This massage style is often used in conjunction with Thai massage to help restore the skin to its natural, young appearance.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy has been used for hundreds of years to treat a wide variety of conditions, including muscular, skeletal, neurological, circulatory, and dermatological issues. Massage therapists can provide these services in both conventional settings such as a massage center or spa and in the comfort of your own home or office. Today, massage services are available in a variety of locations including gyms, hotels, and doctor’s offices. In addition, massage therapists can provide these services in an online setting, so you don’t even have to leave your home or office to get the care you need.