Tele Health for Elders


Telemedicine has come a long way from being a service provided by remote doctors in other countries to becoming the first choice for many people today in health care. Tele Health for Senior Citizens refers to any procedure that uses telecommunication (telephones, internet, etc.) to conduct a health care procedure. Today, even simple procedures like taking a digital image or video of a person’s eye are being telemedicated, meaning that doctors are able to see patients right in front of them. Senior telemedicine is a relatively new idea. Ahead of this type of health care, senior healthcare was provided by physicians and other health care professionals who visited their patients in the office, often spending time together and discussing their condition.

Online Medicine

Telemedics can help physicians save time, money and energy by making appointments outside the traditional doctors visits. Telemedicines allow physicians and other professionals to schedule appointments with patients via the internet or telephone, allowing them to keep their office open and still perform their daily duties. Telemedics can also take care of the paperwork needed to process these appointments.

Telemedicine for Seniors

Telemedics are also helping patients who have chronic conditions. There is no more need for expensive hospital stays, dialysis, or other expensive health treatments. Telemedics are now able to offer the latest in alternative therapy, such as acupuncture. These types of treatment involve the use of small needles to help treat a patient’s chronic disease, such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease.


Telemedical technology can be used to diagnose certain diseases that are too difficult for the average person to detect on their own. This includes; breast cancer, leukemia, HIV, kidney stones, and Alzheimer’s disease. Telemedics can also diagnose and treat high blood pressure. using a portable monitor that attaches to a patient’s fingertip. They can even diagnose lung conditions using a portable lung scan.

Remote Medical Help for Seniors

Another benefit of telemedical technology is that it has made telephonic consultation much easier. There is no longer a need to physically go to a doctor’s office or wait until an appointment time to meet with a patient; telecommunication can occur over the phone, via video conferencing, or even via email. Telemedicine has many benefits for patients and doctors. Physicians can save time and money. Telemedicines can reduce the risk of errors in diagnosis.