Do you know the benefits of the ‘Magic pill’ Provigil?

Provigil is one of the brand names of the drug Modafinil. It is an analeptic and a drug which has been approved by FDA. It is called a smart drug as it is shown that people who consume the drug are still able to perform well in spite of fatigue and lack of sleep.

Provigil is used by people who want to do well on tests, for students who want to stay alerted despite a lack of sleep. Provigil offered at exlpharmacy can be purchased at a cheap price and can be used for those who want to boost their cognitive abilities and it is used by businessmen and women who want to cinch deals, remain focused, concentrated and alert when negotiations are on or when they are meeting with top clients or customers.

How Provigil helps
Provigil is used to increase the overall well-being of a person. Students are using Provigil to hack their intelligence. They are using it to be ahead of their peers. Provigil also helps to

  • Build resistance to fatigue.
  • Better the mood
  • Increase the motivation levels
  • Decreases the reaction time of the individual
  • Improve the vigilance
  • Reduce the impulse response so people can stay away from making bad decisions
  • Increase the brain function even if the person is sleep deprived
  • Improve IQ levels of people with low IQ
  • Enhance the cognitive power and performance
  • A cleaner sort of energy boost than if they were taking stimulants such as caffeine or another such sort of stimulants.
  • Eliminate narcolepsy related issues