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Philips healthcare Stories is a godsend for people who wants to know information about drugs, be it with prescription or over the counter. Our online portal provides people with all the information about wide range of medication, where to purchase those drugs and much more. People so anyone can easily get to know about the drug in a hassle free manner. People can able to get lots of information about wide range of drugs, they can even find out numerous internet pharmacies , why to opt for those drugstores to buy their products.

Why we encompasses Online portals for cheap Medications?

Based on the survey done by, it has been found that the drugs supplied through mail order pharmacies will not cost an arm and a leg like in conventional local pharma stores. At times, the price variation can even be as high as 60%. This is a huge difference in price and regular medicine consumers can gain great cost savings on their prescription bills. This cheap drug is made possible through reputed online portal because of a few reasons which are

They do not have the burden of owning a physical store.
They eliminate all the intermediaries such as vendors/stockists and approach wholesale manufacturers directly.
They avail their medications in bulk so they get huge savings which are in turn translated to the online customers.