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Viola J. Anderson

I visited Philips health care to donate blood, and they were extremely kind and was doing the procedure with the utmost care to ensure the safety of the patients.

Andrew L. Lucius

My father was terminally and had lost all hope for a normal life, but Philips health care helped him by providing the right care at the right time.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy: How to turn back time

Hormone replacement therapy, otherwise known as premenopausal hormone replacement therapy or post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy, is a popular form of hormone replacement therapy used to combat symptoms related to female menopause. The treatment can be used as an alternative to conventional estrogen and progesterone replacement, reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and certain cancers. There are some common benefits to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), including the prevention of osteoporosis and some cancers, as well as lowering the risks of depression, blood clots, and certain endocrine disorders such as breast cancer. Hormone replacement therapy is often recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and a balanced diet, as well as being used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer patients.

While there are clear benefits to using hormone replacement therapy to combat menopause symptoms, there are also risks. Some of the risks include blood clots, strokes, heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, and osteoporosis. While the benefits may help in reducing these symptoms, it is unclear whether the risks outweigh the benefits. There have been fewer studies on the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy to date than there have been studies on the risks.

Some women choose to use low-dose progestin to treat symptoms of menopause and to relieve the discomfort that is associated with hot flashes. Low-dose progesterone is sometimes recommended for use in conjunction with estrogen. However, low-dose progesterone can be a risk because it tends to cause uterine contractions that may increase the risk of blood clots or even a possible increase in the risk of developing a blood clot in the lung. This is because progesterone produces estrogen.

Menopause is a part of the natural aging process. As women age, sometimes they need help with symptoms of menopause such as night sweats, hot flashes, and depression. Hormone replacement therapy is commonly prescribed for women who are unable to overcome the problems on their own. Sometimes, it can help to supplement the woman’s estrogen production with hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Women who reach the age of 45 years usually need hormone replacement therapy to maintain menopausal symptoms. A recent study estimated that nearly 20% of post-menopausal women used some form of hormone replacement therapy at one time or another. Some women may need more hormone replacement therapy than others due to their advanced age. If you regularly go through menopause without being on hormone replacement therapy and do not have other health issues, you may need to think about increasing your estrogen intake. If you are thinking about estrogen therapy as a means of helping you cope with menopause, you should talk to your doctor to determine if your body could tolerate the extra estrogen. Use this free test from Metro-MediSpa to find out if Hormone Replacement Therapy is right for you.

There are many bio-identical hormones available today. They are sometimes called “natural estrogen.” Some of the more common bio-identical hormones include clonidine, guarana, black cohosh, Muira Pauma, bromelain, and Tribulus Terrestris. In addition to the above-mentioned hormones, some plants are also known to be good bio-identical hormones. These plants include black cohosh, chaste tree, ginseng, ginkgo Biloba, and ginsenosides.

Natural Health Remedies for The Common Cold

It is all too common for people to seek medication first when they get sick instead of trying to cure it naturally. It is common for people to look to over-the-counter medications to cure all of their illnesses. What if you did not have to do this?

Did you know that you probably have everything you need to feel better in your cabinet? What if you could help yourself feel better without having to leave the house? There are so many natural healthy ways to cure your ailments!


If you’re looking for a quick natural health remedy, try some peppers. Bell peppers are a great source of Vitamin C and chopping some up and putting them into your sauces and sandwiches can help you beef up your immune system so that it is ready to fight off cold and flu germs. Another great cooking item for your health is cayenne pepper, which is fantastic for your sinuses. Putting cayenne pepper in your tea or in other foods can help stimulate your sinuses which will make it easier for you to breathe. Cayenne will also help heat your body up so that you can start to sweat out the germs and heal your system.

Chicken Soup

There are elements in chicken soup that make it a good cure for the common cold-even scientists will admit it! Many people find that eating some chicken soup when they first feel sick is all they need to feel better, which makes sense because chicken soup is full of ingredients that are beneficial for your system (the vegetables and nutrients and the chicken are really good for you), so it is only natural that you reach for the soup first and the over the counter medications last.


If you’d like to keep the toxins from setting in at all, eat Garlic. To get better quickly, take 1500 mg of garlic a day and wave goodbye to your cold! A 500mg supplement gives you about the same amount of garlic as one clove. The easiest way to get the garlic you need to get better is to either take a supplement or to cook a clove of garlic into your food three times a day. Garlic is readily available; you can by clove flowers of garlic at the store for low prices or a bottle of the spice pretty inexpensively. Don’t carry your 1500mgs a day intake longer than five days. You should consult your doctor if you are still very sick after five days.


Use steam! Save money and take a hot shower or bath instead of buying a bunch of sinus meds. The steam will help clear up your sinuses which will help you breathe. To get better you need to get lots of rest and the heat from the water will relax your muscles which will make it easier to rest. Putting a towel over your head and aiming your face at some steaming water is a good alternative to taking a long shower or bath. The steam is directed toward your face by the sides of the towel which also helps keep the water from cooling too quickly. Blowing your nose after breathing in some steam is far more productive than it would be if you hadn’t relaxed your sinuses first.

To stay well and kill colds before they start, use natural health methods to improve the performance of your immune system. Using natural health methods to treat your colds and flues helps to strengthen your immune system, kill your current cold or flu and to keep new colds and flues from attacking you. Your body will thank you for using natural methods to treat illness instead of simply throwing chemicals at whatever ailment comes your way.

Hip Replacement Surgery

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement surgery is a surgically performed procedure used to replace a damaged, degenerated, or missing hip joint with healthy prosthetic parts that closely resemble the hip joint. In some cases, the hip joint may simply become diseased or injured too much to support the hip. This can cause pain, difficulty walking, or inability to perform daily tasks with the hip joint. For these situations, hip replacement surgery may be the best option for pain relief.

Types of Hip Surgeries

There are many different types of hip replacement surgery available, each one designed to be a permanent solution to one’s hip pain. Each one is different from the other, though, so it is critical to understand the differences between them before discussing which option will work best for your particular situation. The type of hip replacement surgery, you will undergo will depend on the location and severity of the hip joint damage, as well as your overall health and age. Anterior hip replacement surgery Raleigh is a great surgeon.

Replacing a Hip

Hip replacement is complex. Some of the most common types of hip replacement surgery include: total hip replacement (also called arthroplasty), which is similar to the treatment for a dislocated, twisted hip joint; tibial tunnel rehabilitation, which involves repositioning of the tibia within the hip joint to fix a problematic tight spot; internal fixation (which involves the placement of a ball-and-socket device inside the femur to fix a different condition), or patellar arthroplasty, which is similar to the treatment for a sprained femoral ligament. In many instances, both partial and full hip replacement will be necessary. When looking at which option will be best for your condition, consult with your doctor. They will determine the right procedure based on your physical conditions, medical history, and the severity of your hip pain.

Stretching Exercises For Lower Back Pain

As men and women start to get older it’s very common that they end up having back pain and this can in fact be something caused by a previous injury, or even repetitive movements or bending over and standing up again. The elasticity in some people’s backs may also be a major contributor to anybody who suffers from back pain. The easiest solution is the one most men and women don’t want to do, and that is to do stretching exercises for the pain within their lower back.

Back Pain Effects

You have to realize that people’s everyday lives can normally wind up causing everybody to suffer from back pain. The individuals who end up with the worst pain within their backs are typically the individuals who’ve been heavily into sports all their lives. Individuals that are in car accidents do not have any control over their pain unless their reckless driving caused the accident. Most men and women prefer to deal with their back pain with medicine, which can be helpful, but at the same time very detrimental. An additional thing you need to remember about these medications is that they don’t actually cope with the cause of your back pain they basically hide the pain leaving the original problem there. You ought to also be aware that if nothing is addressing the particular cause of the pain you are going to be taking this medication the remainder of your life.

One of the approaches to deal with the actual pain in your back is by doing various stretches each day. Needless to say many individuals would rather take a pill to do away with the pain than actually devote the time and effort needed in order to do their stretches every day which could actually cure their problem. Because stretching is a thing that is natural you’ll not need to concern yourself with being addicted to medication or suffering from any of the unwanted side effects of the medication.

Strengthening Stomach and Back Muscles

You are also going to discover that you can actually prevent injuries to your back by stretching as you will be strengthening both your stomach and also back muscles. One thing you ought to also understand is that when you take medication, simply because you are masking the pain you could actually end up causing more harm to your back. Together with stretching, you will discover that other exercises that will help strengthen your core will additionally alleviate back pain. The more your lower back is able to flex and bend, the less chance it is going to be in pain. Performing exercises to keep your back muscles limber as well as flexible, will keep your body from tightening up as a result of the stress you put on it every single day.

When you perform exercises to benefit your lower back, they will also benefit the remainder of your body. Your entire cardiovascular system can be helped with these exercises, which will boost your body’s immune system, keeping you more healthy. Getting a lot of exercise and stretching every day will be one of the greatest actions you can take for your back pain and also for every single aspect of your health.

Regenerative Medicine Charlotte

Finding a Regenerative Medicine Specialist in Charlotte, NC

Perhaps one of the most well known forms of regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy is in the news a lot these days. This is because stem cells have been at the forefront of medical advancements in recent years. With great success, doctors have been able to use stem cells to treat tissue and joint damage with remarkable success. But what is stem cell therapy for arthritis?

Stem Cells for Arthritis

It was not surprising to see that local doctors would be looking into the use of regenerative medicine for arthritis. He was particularly interested in the use of PRP in treating osteoarthritis. As he explains, osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear on the cartilage which exists in the body. As the cartilage wears down over time, the bone then chips and breaks, creating pockets that bleed and cause inflammation. This inflammation is what causes the typical symptoms of this disease, such as stiffness, pain and swelling.

PRP Injections

Doctors looked at the effects of PRP injections for osteoarthritis and found that they had similar regenerative results as other forms of treatments. Platelet rich plasma treatment Charlotte NC does this treatment. However, he goes on to say that these results were much less profound as opposed to what happens when stem cell therapy is used in combination with other degenerative diseases. This means that these treatments may be used to alleviate some of the pain from arthritis sufferers, but it will never cure the disease. In fact, in the future it is very likely that degenerative arthritis will become an inevitable fact of life, despite the advances made in regenerative medicine.

Why Eating At Restaurants May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Help is a thing that loads of men and women are beginning to take more interest in as they want to live longer and healthier lives and preparing your own meals are important to do this. Something which a lot of individuals are actually trying to avoid right now is going out to eat mainly because they don’t get the nutrition that they’d get when they prepare the meals on their own. For those individuals who actually do take the time and cook their own meals every day, the amount of nutrition they actually receive is more than individuals who eat out continuously. As you continue to read you will find a large number of benefits of preparing your own meals as opposed to eating out.

Low Food Quality

Even though some restaurants aren’t as bad as others you ought to understand that the majority of the fast-food joints that you might eat in will in fact be the worst kind of food you can get. The quality of food that you find in a fast-food restaurant is typically the lowest kind of quality food you can find and this is generally because they sell their food so cheaply they have to make a profit. In relation to the nutritional value that’s in this food, you need to understand that the only thing you’re getting a great amount of is various types of fats. You need to also be aware that the majority of of the foods you receive at these sorts of places can end up causing major health conditions for you later in life.

Less Nutrition

There are a few men and women who eat out every single night at a nice chain restaurant nevertheless this does not mean they’re acquiring the nutrition needed. Something I want to point out is the fact that this food is much healthier than anything you are able to get at one of those fast-food spots. But you must bear in mind that the majority of these chain restaurants still end up using prepackaged food that is stripped from its nutritional value. Not only will you be obtaining less nutrition from these meals but you are in addition going to find that there’s a lot of additives and preservatives used to extend the shelf life of these sorts of foods.

The only real option you have for eating out and getting a nutritious meal is to go to one of the finer dining establishments which can also be rather expensive. These sorts of restaurants won’t typically buy prepackaged and pre-prepared foods so you know you are getting a healthy meal. Obviously before you choose this type of restaurant you should actually check with them to see if they’re preparing their meals when they are ordered.

By now you need to realize the necessity of avoiding most chain restaurants and fast food joints as you will not be getting the nutrition you need. Of course in order for your homemade meals to be nutritious you have to ensure you’re getting a lot of fresh vegetables and other nutrition packed foods in every meal.

Aromatherapy Benefits

When it comes to aromatherapy you should already recognize what this is just by checking out the name. It is the treatment of the body and the mind by the usage of scents and essential oils produced from plants. And to be specific these types of plants are generally known as being aromatic, hence the beginning of the name, the next part is actually self-explanatory.

Soothes Your Body and Mind

By utilizing these different aromas you will see that it’s going to help you soothe your body and mind by making use of your senses. Your senses are incredibly sensitive, so during the day the things that you smell, touch and feel will affect how you feel physically. Aromatherapy can have a beneficial influence as it treats your mind and body through your sense of smell restoring and also promoting balance when you need it most. You are also going to discover that your sense of touch is also a thing that can be affected by aromatherapy when you’re getting a massage with essential oils.

Lavender is really a fragrance a large number of people use when their feeling stressed out in an attempt to become more relaxed. You’re going to realize whether you bathe in lavender oil, get a massage with lavender oil or simply inhale the fragrance, it’s going to help you relax. Yet another great aromatherapy product is mint, as this will help you feel revitalized and provide you with a boost of energy. As with lavender this oil can be useful when getting a massage, breathing in the fragrance or else you can simply add these oils to your bath. You might not recognize this but mint is really used as stimulus for your brain, and it doesn’t matter if you simply breathe in the mint or use the oil topically.

Natural Healing

Aromatherapy has turned out to be the particular alternative medicine of preference for the busy society we are now living in. It’s advantageous simply because the oils and scents are pure and natural and it is an alternative that’s been around too long for it to have any sort of side effect that the general population would find harmful. You have to recognize that if you have allergies to certain oils or fragrances, these are definitely not items you ought to use in your aromatherapy treatments.

There are plenty of men and women these days who will actually use aromatherapy products instead of various cosmetics and also perfumes, mainly because it’s an all natural alternative. One thing I want to mention about aromatherapy is that it is not solely designed just for humans, as you will find that many men and women also use these strategies on their pets. Actually a few of these fragrances and essential oils have been credited to helping people’s dogs get over a common cold.

By now you should comprehend that aromatherapy is something which can be used by both man and animal to help deal with different health and mental issues. It has been practiced since ancient times to cure various ailments and is still to this day really popular to treat these same ailments in addition to curing newer ailments of our times such as stress and anxiety. And if you are a woman you may want to use a number of these oils as a perfume instead of using store bought products.

Raw Juice Recipes Program

Raw foods have plenty of different benefits, and one of the primary benefits is you will get a lot more nutrients from these types of foods. Something which a lot of men and women have done in recent years was to purchase a juicer so they can start getting these advantages from the various vegetables and fruits they enjoy. But I should also mention that there are a lot of health benefits to producing your own juice. Combining fruits and vegetables so as to make a tasty drink is not as simple as many people think, and for this reason, most of us have a few recipes that they follow all the time. And that’s why we decided to check out the 101 Raw Juice Recipes program in this post.

Health Benefits

One of the principal reasons juicing has become so very popular these days is on account of the reality that it can improve people’s health. Not only is this a thing that can help individuals to lose weight but it can help battle other things such as arthritis, heart disease, as well as depression. For people who are unaware you are going to discover that pasteurized juice (juice purchased in stores) has very little nutritional value simply because the nutrients have been eliminated during the pasteurization process. Needless to say when you do juice at home you are going to find that there’s no pasteurization, so these nutrients are not stripped away. The juice you produce will have all of the nutrients which are meant to be in these types of foods, which is exactly what will provide you with the best results.

This program is not only going to show you how to produce healthy juices, but you’ll figure out how to produce more than 100 of these. They also give you 30 recipes so as to make what is generally known as green juice, that provides great nutrition and health benefits. If you have been considering buying a juicer you are in addition going to see that they tell you what sort of equipment you ought to end up buying.

Detox Program

This program is additionally going to be explaining to you how you are able to do a juice detox to be able to become healthier. There are plenty of men and women right now who actually end up getting sick mainly because they have harmful harmful toxins within their body, but many of these harmful toxins can be removed through a detox. One of the principal benefits that you’re going to find associated with getting rid of these toxins would be the fact that you’ll have far more energy. Of course this is additionally something which will end up improving your body’s immune system and supplying you with much better mental clarity.

The program is going to present you with two E-books, the first one being the 101 raw juice recipes, and the second is the easy guide to going raw. For those of you who are interested in getting your hands on these you are going to find that you are able to order them for just $19. If you do choose to order this program and locate that you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, I ought to point out that there’s a money back guarantee that comes included with this program.

Eating Healthfully

Obviously, we understand the significance of healthy eating and the effect it has on how we feel. If it has not been possible for you to do the same, you need to look at alternatives. All of the data might puzzle you, if so just keep it easy. Making changes in diet is best done little by little. Avoid trying to entirely remake your life overnight because that is quite difficult for anybody. Begin by learning all you can about starting a healthy eating ritual. This will be further extended as we give you a plan.

Balanced Diet

You don’t have to go to extremes when it comes to eating and dieting; in fact, it’s best to approach it in a balanced way. Don’t get too hung up on numbers when it comes to your weight and think instead in terms of being as healthy as possible. Even more than being overweight, extreme and frequent changes in your weight (in either direction) are considered to be very risky and undesirable. So you can aim for a certain weight, but get there gradually and then try to stay at that point. Remember that there are health risks associated with being underweight. Everyone knows, of course, that being obese puts you at risk for many problems too. You don’t, therefore, want to be under or overweight, but to find the golden mean.

Trying to change too much about your diet too soon is a leading cause of failure. Such an approach is the least desirable for a multitude of reasons. Create a strong foundation of success by building upon smaller victories.

Avoid Drastic Changes

In the beginning, it is probably not a good idea to eliminate your most favorite unhealthy food. Rather, begin to scrutinize foods in your diet that are easier for you to part with. Better eating habits are built over time through repetition day after day. A consistent gradual approach to dietary changes is the most effective tool you leverage for lasting results.

Endeavor to achieve a view that is all-encompassing when it comes to what you eat. Very few real foods, if any, are outright unhealthy if eaten in moderation. Keep in mind, calories that aren’t used become added fat on a body. Even the foods that are typically full of healthy nutrients can have the effect of weight gain. Look closely at your own circumstances to get the best view of your nutritional routine. Then you will be able to make a better assessment of what you need to do to create healthier eating behaviors. A solution to refrain from ill health is to consume healthy foods so certainly eat them! What is great here is you can accomplish this in different ways. Perhaps your best bet is to figure out what will work best for you. Failing at this is highly likely as you push to do something you know that you have contention with. As you begin to battle with your own self, that is when the trouble starts.

Methods To Avoid Untimely Wrinkles On Your Face

As a result of the condition of our environment and the kind of lifestyles we lead today, it’s extremely tough to keep the skin healthy and young. Premature facial wrinkles are prevalent thanks to air pollution, stress at work, and unhealthy diets. There are actually many methods that can get rid of the signs of aging, but many people hesitate to use these methods. One reason is that they usually are extremely costly. Surgical treatments aren’t cheap — they can cost thousands of dollars — and they aren’t usually a one-shot deal. You’d have to have several procedures to get the results you truly want.

Natural Products

Nonetheless, younger-looking skin is not achieved exclusively by surgical procedures. The truth is, there are a lot of safer and more effective methods you can use that don’t even call for the use of artificial chemicals of any kind. For starters, you can start utilizing skin care products made from natural ingredients. Choose skincare products that have no chemicals or artificial ingredients in them. It is best if you use those with the essential vitamins that the skin needs. Sufficient hydration is also needed to keep your skin much younger and supple so don’t forget to purchase products which contain natural moisturizers.

Good Food for Your Skin

Are you aware that by ingesting the right kind of foods, you can easily stop untimely wrinkles on your face? You’ll want to avoid foods which happen to be high in fat because they have been found to trigger wrinkles and other signs of aging. Instead, you should eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables because these foods have vital nutrients that will benefit your skin. Also, make it a habit to have a glass of water just about every hour or two to keep your skin well-hydrated. It will keep your body properly hydrated and regulate the flushing out of toxins that can cause all sorts of damage to your skin.

Sun Protection

Before, laying in the sun for a long time was really regarded as a healthy thing to do. Science has shown, however, that extended sun exposure is genuinely dangerous. If you need to spend quite a long time in the sun, be sure you slather some sunscreen having high SPF on your skin first. Protect your arms and legs by donning protective clothing, and protect your face by wearing a wide-brimmed hat. To stop wrinkling around the eyes, you should wear large-rimmed dark eyeglasses. Nevertheless, a better way to protect yourself from sun-caused wrinkles is to stay in the shade, especially from 10am to 3pm, which is regarded as the critical period when the rays of the sun are the most intense.

Do you smoke? It’s a good idea to quit smoking now for your skin’s sake. Not only does smoking trigger respiratory complications, it also triggers facial wrinkles to appear too early. Smoking slows circulation on the face, which explains why you’ll see more wrinkles around the eyes and mouth on smokers.

By following the easy strategies talked about here, you can keep your skin young-looking for years to come.

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