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Stem Cell Therapy has become a popular alternative to traditional knee surgery and hip replacement. Knee surgery or replacement is often recommended for elderly patients who suffer from knee pain or have less-than-perfect mobility due to arthritis or other factors. Stem Cell Therapy, on the other hand, is often recommended by physicians to help treat conditions such as osteoarthritis or bursitis without the use of invasive joint replacement techniques. Stem Cell Therapy involves using stem cells obtained from a patient’s own body to treat these conditions. The cells are usually taken from the front part of the knee, where the cartilage has grown thickest. Knee pain treatment Charlotte will help relieve that pain.

Pain Relief

Stem cell therapy treatments are most often used in conjunction with other therapies, such as physical therapy, massage, anti-inflammatory medication and other prescription or non-prescription medications. The procedure does require that the patient is given local anesthesia prior to surgery and that the surgeon removes a small amount of tissue to determine the type and amount of stem cells the patient will receive. Some stem cell therapies, however, do not require such a small amount of tissue to be removed, and stem cells from other parts of the body may be used instead to treat knee pain or other conditions. Stem cell treatments are not commonly used for adult patients who are interested in obtaining knee pain relief.

Insurance Claims

Stem cell therapy treatments are not covered by standard medical insurance but are usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid or other public health insurance programs. Recovery time for these treatments can be an issue, and most patients require at least six months or more of downtime before being able to return to normal activity. This means that you may need to have more than one stem cell therapy treatment, depending on the severity of your condition, before ever being able to walk again. In addition, stem cell therapies can cause both temporary and long term side effects, and patients should always discuss these risks with their doctor or surgeon before beginning any stem cell therapy treatments. Talk to an experienced knee replacement surgeon today to find out how you can get the relief you need from knee pain and be able to get back to the life you once enjoyed.